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About us.

The digital realm threatens to become — dare we say it — boring. For all the potential punch and pizzazz that digital has to offer, there are far too many companies out there that accept ordinary as okay. And that’s really just a bit dull, isn’t it?

A few of us got together and decided it was time that a company devoted itself to creating fresh, quality digital concepts with every new project And so Fresh Face was born. Like a hot washcloth wipes away the dirt and grime and stagnation and leaves behind a shiny, fresh face full of possibility, Fresh Face discards the boring and ordinary and looks forward with creativity and innovation.


  • Recognisable Branding
  • On-trend UX & UI Designs
  • Engaging & Convertible
  • Email Marketing


  • MVC Secure Frame Works
  • Responsive Design
  • Apps — IOS, Android & Phone Gap
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce Platforms


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • App Store Optimisation (ASO)
  • Creative Content
  • Email Marketing
The team.

Meet the team behind Fresh Face

The Fresh Face team are our innovators, our creators, our trailblazers. They are the hard-working cogs in our little machine, the continually ticking second hand that leads to the hour, and the foundation of a truly spectacular building. Without the incredible vision and work ethic of this team, Fresh Face would fall. These individuals are the key to our ability to build great relationships with our clients — and achieve results every time.


UX UI Designer / Dev

Fresh Face Design Birmingham


Business Development

Fresh Face Design Birmingham


Account Manager

Fresh Face Design Birmingham



Fresh Face Design Birmingham



Fresh Face Design Birmingham



Fresh Face Design Birmingham
Paul O'Brien User Experience Designer Birmingham
Web Development Design Agency - Fresh Face
Fresh culture.

You know that phrase about all work and no play? Well, we take that to heart. We work hard in a friendly, creative environment to the benefit of both our clients and ourselves. Sure, sometimes there are deadlines and late nights in the office to achieve them. But that’s not all. The positive team environment that we cultivate in the workplace also exists outside the office; we relax, revitalise, and join in on projects because we enjoy what we do and who we do it with. We see our way of doing things as the best way to get results.

We engage with each other, plan, and professionally execute all aspects of digital marketing so our clients see the benefits, the work, and the energy that have gone into their baby.

Because your
baby is our baby.

There is no them and us; there is only we. We are all part of the process. Regardless of the project, whether it’s creating a small, local website or a national marketing campaign, we get fully behind it.


You know your product best. Our job is to listen in order to understand your goals and then act as the catalyst to help you achieve them.


Like our code, our morals and manifesto are transparent. We ensure we are always clear on our processes to achieve positive change.


We don’t believe in “quick fixes” or “secret tactics”. We share our knowledge, expertise, and skillsets so you don’t make the same mistakes we have.


True innovation is often scary. We are not afraid of the unknown and we take bold steps to transform brands.